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15th Dec 2016

AlN for Next Generation PiezoMEMS

Designers are starting to use Aluminum Nitride (AlN) and other piezo materials by physical vapor deposition (PVD) for a new range of high performance MEMS devices such as microphones, finger print sensors, energy harvesters, speakers and Si oscillators. This webinar examines how the success of deposition of AlN by PVD for the established RF BAW market has provided a roadmap to develop these new MEMS based applications. You will hear how new material requirements and film properties are being met with SPTS’s latest Sigma fxP PVD hardware and technologies.

Topics covered:

  • AlN markets, trends and drivers
  • Requirements and process flow for PiezoMEMs applications
  • SPTS Sigma fxP PVD technologies for AlN deposition in volume production

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14th Sept 2016

Plasma Dicing for Next Generation Ultra Small and Ultra Thin Die

Continuing our webinar series on Advanced Packaging applications we are pleased to announce our next webinar on Plasma Dicing on Wednesday 14th September, which we are proud to be co-hosting with Amandine Pizzagalli, Technology & Market Analyst at Yole Développement.

During this webinar, Yole Développement will give its vision and an overview of the key dicing technologies across MEMS devices, power devices, CMOS image sensors, and RFID devices, highlighting its major findings on the evolution and trends of the dicing technologies.

SPTS will be presenting the latest data illustrating how processing routes affect die strength, share experiences with different types of tapes and other die features such as solder balls. We will share details of the latest equipment which is now available for plasma dicing wafers up to 300mm (on 400mm tape frames) for full production applications.

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13th Oct 2015 

FOWLP Goes Mainstream

Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging (FOWLP) is the fastest growing format in the advanced packaging sector.  Just this month, Yole revised its projections to show a 32% CAGR through 2020 as TSMC enters the fray with its InFO product. InFO is just one of a number of different FOWLP formats that are being proposed to meet the industry goals of high density performance at low cost.

All the FOWLP formats embed die in an epoxy mold compound (EMC), and build dense I/O connections outside the periphery of the die, hence the name “Fan-Out”.  The use of EMC presents significant challenges to the makers of RDL and UBM deposition equipment.

During this webinar, hear why FOWLP is receiving such attention, and learn how SPTS deals with the challenges of depositing UBM/RDL metal on EMC substrates and explain why SPTS is the leading PVD supplier to this important market. 

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This webinar was presented live on Tuesday 13th October 2015. To receive a link to the recording, email enquiries@spts.com.

13th May 2015

Plasma Dicing - Integrating for Production 

The key to successful introduction of plasma dicing is how to integrate this front-end technology into the back-end process flow. This webinar shows how various schemes can be used to allow plasma dicing to enter the process flow as seamlessly as possible, whilst also introducing SPTS’s Mosaic production plasma dicing system and its range of capabilities.

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