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SPTS have over 18 years experience of Atmospheric Pressure CVD of SiH4 or TEOS based dielectrics. SPTS is the sole owner of all IP related to the WJ APCVD product line. The patented Watkins Johnson (WJ) linear injector technology enables precise, repeatable deposition of doped or undoped films with no transient film properties and uniform gap fill across the wafer.

Wafer transport is via a self-cleaning belt conveyor enabling excellent system reliability with the lowest CoO for dielectric gap-fill.

Multiple platform options and available

  • WJ-999 - 3 process chambers for TEOS and hydride processes
  • WJ-1000 – 4 process chambers for TEOS and hydride processes
  • WJ-1500 - 4 chambers for TEOS processes only

Factory-certified system remanufacturing is available for all systems and multiple upgrade options ensure product longevity and extendibility.


WJ-1000 APCVD system