With an installed base of over 1200 DRIE process modules, SPTS’s industry-leading position is spearheaded by the Rapier module, which etches Si using Bosch switched processing as well as non-switched etching for tapered profiles, wafer thinning and via reveal.

Advantages of SPTS Si DRIE

  • Patented dual plasma source design with independently controlled primary and secondary decoupled plasma zones, with independent dual gas inlets. This results in a highly concentrated and uniformed distribution of radicals.
    • High etch rate
    • Excellent uniformity
    • Controls tilting of deep features across the wafer
  • Inherent multi-mode flexibility also allows complementary oxide etching within the same hardware.

Delivering unparalleled process capability with world-class productivity & cost of ownership benefits, SPTS’s DRIE process modules are used in a wide variety of applications across multiple end markets.

Markets Served by Si DRIE

Product Images:

SPTS Omega fxp with Rapier and DSi process modules  SPTS Rapier process module for DRIE  SPTS DSi silicon etch module


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