Single Wafer Platforms

To address the requirements of both volume manufacturing, pilot production and R&D applications, SPTS offers their etch and deposition process technologies on a range of wafer-handling platform options:

300mm fxp     fxP footprint


An 8-sided cluster system supporting up to 6 process modules for the ultimate in throughput, availability and productivity. Available as a 4 – 8” system with vacuum cassettes that are compatible with SMIF robots or as an 8 – 12” system with an integrated EFEM.



The c2L is an smaller production system for 3 – 8” wafers, supporting up to 3 process modules for flexibility and control. Using industry standard robotics and VCE cassette, the c2L is also available with SMIF as an option.


The LPX platform combines a manually-loaded, single wafer vacuum load-lock with SPTS etch or deposition plasma sources to produce a low-cost platform for low volume or R&D applications.


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