Typical MEMS devices benefiting from MVD® hydrophobic anti-stiction films include, sensors, actuators, displays, RF switches, inkjets, and data storage devices. BioMEMS applications include wetting control in micro-fluidics (labon-a-chip, microplates), passivation on implantable devices requiring biocompatible surface coatings, and devices requiring functionalized surface coatings (genome sequencing, diagnostics).

MVD® is finding increasing use in production applications requiring moisture barriers, anticorrosion coatings, or release layers for imprinting.

The MVD100E is the designated tool for R&D or pilot manufacturing. It is designed for high performance, flexibility and reliability for the most demanding applications. Corporate and Academic Research Labs have called it their most versatile and reliable piece of equipment.

Features and Benefits

  • Single substrate or small batch processing
    • 200mm wafers
    • Components on trays or racks
    • Small chamber volume for fast processing
    • Top-opening for ease of maintenance and cleaning
  • Superior Cost of Ownership – low consumption and efficient utilization of precursors
  • Integrated plasma surface treatment and chamber clean capability
  • Automated process sequence routines
  • Extensive self-diagnostic and data logging capability
  • Exceptional reliability
  • MVD and ALD-capable

Product Images

MVD100E   MVD100E









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