MVD300 / MVD300E

The MVD300 (and MVD300E with an EFEM) are designed for high performance, flexibility and reliability for the most demanding high volume manufacturing applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Batch processing for high throughput and small footprint
    • 200mm wafers (Pod loader or EFEM available)
    • 300mm wafers (EFEM enabled)
    • Singulated die on tape frames
    • Components on trays
    • Custom substrate fixturing available
  • Superior Cost of Ownership – low consumption and efficient utilization of precursors
  • Up to 4 Precursors
  • Integrated plasma surface treatment and chamber clean capability
  • Automated process sequence routines
  • Extensive self-diagnostic and data logging capability
  • Exceptional reliability
  • MVD and ALD-capable

Product Images

MVD300 MVD300E
MVD300 MVD300E





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