Equipment Training

Provision of high quality equipment training ensures customers get the most from their SPTS toolset. To maintain small class sizes, space on each course is limited and assigned on first-come-first served basis.

The following training courses are available from SPTS on request. To see details of each course, please click links below.

To register your interest in any of the courses, please fill in the form below.  SPTS Training Department will then contact you to let you know if that course is already scheduled to take place in the near future, or arrange a new date at your convenience. 

Operation and Maintenance

300mm GTM Versalis Etch/CVD

  19 - 23 Sep 2016   

  300mm GTM Omega 

5 - 9 Sep 2016

  200mm GTM-OS Delta  

15 - 19 Aug 2016

      200mm LPX Etch/CVD

No course is currently scheduled


CPX-Pegasus-ICP etch system

200mm CPX Pro Etch

No course is currently scheduled


 SPTS Synapse  200mm GTM OS Omega Synapse  

10 - 14 Oct 2016

200mm GTM-OS Sigma

22 - 26 Aug 2016

200mm c2L PVD/Etch 5 - 9 Sept 2016
  200mm LPX Delta   29 - 2 Sept 2016


Advanced Courses

300mm GTM
Setup & Repair

13-17 June 2016

12-16 Sep 2016

Set-up & Repair
11 - 15 July 2016
200mm GTM-OS
Setup and Repair

No course is currently scheduled

200mm Omega Advanced Module  

8 - 12 Aug 2016 

200mm Omega Synapse Advanced Module  

31 - 4 Nov 2016

300mm Advanced Omega Training  

26 - 30 Sept 2016


For more details please contact SPTS directly via telephone.


Equipment Training Enquiry  

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