Under Bump Metal /Re-Distribution Layer

With the adoption of organic passivation and new substrate materials the technical challenges for UBM/RDL deposition are in the areas of pre-treatment.

Using novel degas and pre-clean technology, the Sigma fxP produces consistently low Rc values whilst delivering a 2x throughput advantage over other PVD tools.


Rvia drops with increased degas time
Reducing Rc using SPTS batch degas, maintaining high throughput




SPTS' Advanced Hi-Fill Ionized PVD source delivers world class step coverage for PVD Cu barrier/seed in high aspect ratio features.  SPTS also offers extendibility beyond PVD for TSV Cu barrier seed with its C3M MOCVD product range - with the ability to deposit highly conformal metal films at low temperatures required for bonded substrate processing.


DRIE etched TSV with PVD Ti/TiN/Ti liner and filled with PVD copper

 10:1 AR TSV Successfully Plated using AHF Cu Barrier/Seed I-PVD


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