LPCVD / Diffusion

SPTS’ AVP/RVP large batch thermal process system delivers flexible, low cost, solutions that enable a simple transition from pilot to high volume production.


Benefits of SPTS LPCVD/diffusion processes for MEMS

  • Low CoO thick doped and un-doped polysilicon
  • Highly productive stress-controlled SiN
  • High deposition rate TEOS for HAR gap-fill
  • Low temperature (<450°C) LPCVD SiGe
  • Highly uniform wet/dry thermal SiO2
  • 100 to 1,200°C thermal annealing


Low stress LPCVD polysilicon SiN stress uniformity with cross-flow
4.5µm thick, low stress LPCVD
Cross-flow enables stress control of SiN
across 100-wafer batch

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