i-Micronews: Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging platform discussed with SPTS Technologies

April 29, 2015: Advanced Packaging

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Yole Développement recently had the opportunity to interview David Butler, VP of Product Management and Marketing at SPTS division within Orbotech. David has shared his point of view on fan-out wafer level packaging platform with us, as follows:

Yole Développement:  Fan-Out, as an emerging packaging platform has certainly raised a lot of interest in the industry. Investments in equipment and other necessary infrastructure to support fan-out technology have been made and fan-out has already been successfully adopted in production. We continue to see a high interest in this platform and we are expecting a high growth for the next few years, therefore, further equipment needs and investments. Can you please confirm and comment on the industry’s preparation for the next wave of growth in fan-out? Have you seen increasing equipment spending in the past year, and do you believe it will continue to further increase this year as well?

David Butler: In the last 12 months, FOWLP has emerged from a relatively small base to become one of the most active topics in the packaging world. It started with eWLB, the Infineon designed platform that was licensed to a few companies at the end of the last decade, notably STATS ChipPAC and NANIUM. Those two companies now lead the FOWLP market. During 2014, a number of companies announced their own FOWLP platforms including Amkor with SLIM, SPIL SLIT, Intel EMIB and perhaps the most vocal, TSMC with InFO. We know of more companies who have plans in that direction but have not yet gone public. These new announcements have coincided with a ramp in equipment spend, and SPTS have benefitted from that. One major OSAT told me that of all their projects that come under the heading of “Advanced Packaging”, their FOWLP project had received by far the most interest from their customers, backed up with considerable urgency. The need is real and immediate.

YD: What are the main applications, devices that will drive this next growth?

DB: Are mobiles and tablets for high bandwidth applications. Baseband processors, RF transceivers and power management IC’s are being embedded in these mold wafers. NANIUM speak of the advantages of being able to mount RF devices in close proximity to multiple passives, delivering data transfers >60GHz. Line and space reductions will move FOWLP into the reach of even higher performance parts such as memory and application processors.
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