i-Micronews: Thinner wafers are fostering the growth & emergence of new dicing technologies

Driven by rising demand for thinner wafers and stronger die, dicing technology is evolving. “Reaching more than US$100 million in 2015, the dicing equipment market will double by 2020-2021”, announces Yole Développement (Yole) (Source: Thin Wafer Processing & Dicing Equipment Market report, Yole Développement, May 2016). Yet at the same time thin wafers are creating new challenges of significant interest in the dicing equipment industry such as die breakage, chipping, low die strength, handling issues and dicing damage...

Yole’s Technology & Market Analyst, Amandine Pizzagalli, is pleased to give her vision of the dicing technologies, market forecast and competitive landscape during the webcast "Plasma Dicing for Next Generation Ultra Small and Ultra Thin Die" organized by SPTS Technologies, an Orbotech company. This webcast will take place on September 14. To register click PLASMA DICING.

Today, the most common dicing technology applied across memory, logic, MEMS, RFID and power devices is mechanical dicing, also known as blade dicing. “Blade dicing represents more than 80% of the dicing brand equipment business in terms of dicing tools and stealth dicing 20%”, explains Amandine Pizzagalli from Yole. However, companies are showing a growing need for thinner wafers and smaller devices in general and Yole sees a trend towards adopting alternative dicing technologies. These include stealth dicing and plasma dicing based on deep reactive ion etching technology.

“As die sizes continue to shrink, singulation by plasma etching offers considerable benefits for die quality and strength as compared to traditional dicing solutions,” stated Richard Barnett, Etch Product Manager at SPTS Technologies, an Orbotech company. And he adds: “Ultra-small and ultra-thin devices like RFID chips or fragile devices like MEMS are more susceptible to damage from the vibration and chipping caused by mechanical saws, or from the heat caused by lasers.”

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