The Primaxx® Monarch300 is a fully integrated, automated VHF etch tool designed to perform selective MEMS etch release via a controlled anhydrous HF/Alcohol etch process. The process provides a vapor phase, isotropic etch of sacrificial oxide to release a flexure or other device. No liquids are used in contact with these MEMS devices and therefore “stiction” creating conditions are avoided. A clean, residue-free release etch is accomplished without liquids or supercritical drying.

Key Benefits

  • Compatible with 200mm & 300mm wafers
  • High throughput, high uptime 13-wafer batch processing
  • Process chamber, gas/liquid panel, and pressure/vacuum components, all within a small footprint
  • Extensive process control and monitoring functions ensure the yield, reliability and repeatability required in volume production

Available configurations:

  • fxP supports up to 6 process modules
  • Versalis capability enables other SPTS modules to be added to either platform if required

Product Images:

Primaxx Monarch300 for Vapour HF Etch       Primaxx Monarch300 Vapour HF Etch


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