Inkjet Printing for IC

Orbotech Inkjet™ 600

The Orbotech Inkjet™ 600 is a dot-matrix additive printing technology based on inkjet. The system prints functional UV curable acrylic materials, enabling solutions for a variety of applications.  The printer can print on EMS, metals, PI, PBO, IC substrates and solder resist.

Typical applications are:

Advantages of Orbotech Inkjet™ 600

  • Best printing quality and system robustness with DotStream Pro Technology™
  • Fast and cost-effective solution to replace most conventional imaging methods
  • Patented and advanced features for registration, printing and curing on-the-fly

Markets Served by Orbotech Inkjet™ 600

Product Images

Orbotech Inkjet600  Orbotech Inkjet 600


  Orbotech Inkjet 600 Brochure (Click here to request Orbotech's Inkjet™ 600 Product Brochure)


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