Key to successful research is process flexibility and the Xactix® e2™ provides the widest range of process options. Developed as the successor to the e1, the e2 retains ease of use, low cost of ownership and a small footprint, but adds additional options and even greater process flexibility.  The Xactix® e2™ is the ideal solution for those seeking a low cost, table-top R&D xenon difluoride etching system.

Key Benefits

  • Low cost, easy to use, and reliable
  • Great for working with small samples and wafers
  • Includes the etch unit, PC with keyboard and mouse, flat panel display, pump, and manual
  • New options to increase process flexibility
    • Increased selectivity to SiN and SiO2
    • Additional process gas can be added
  • Pulsed and optional continuous flow etch processes
  • Lower installation costs
  • Easy field upgrades with options

Product Images:

Product Information Datasheet:

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