Etch for LED Manufacturing

SPTS draws on its extensive compound semiconductor experience to offer processes for LED manufacturing on materials such as GaP, GaN and SiC. SPTS offers low damage ICP frontside etch processes for LED manufacturing, on a well-established production platform, currently being used by 2 out of the Top 5 HB-LED manufacturers.

For next generation HB-LEDs, the unique properties of sapphire & SiC are being evaluated.  SPTS has solutions for etching these low volatility materials.

Benefits of SPTS ICP for LEDs

  • ESC compatible with sapphire carriers without the need for a back-coat
  • Accurate end-pointing for good process control
  • Range of dielectric etches including low damage processes and thick organic films
  • High etch rate/high selectivity GaP & GaN etch processes

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