Plasma Dicing IV - The Next Chapter

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This webinar was presented live on Tuesday 24th March 2020, To access the recording click the link below

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As the adoption of plasma dicing continues to build momentum, the barriers to adoption continue to be broken down. 

This webinar will highlight some of our recent work in these areas.  There will be examples of how SPTS, and our partners, have managed the necessary use of fluorinated chemistries and mitigated the potential risks for subsequent steps. Further development of the LASER groove will also be covered, underlining the importance of achieving a successful process integration with the DRIE step. 

Finally, we will also introduce our latest tranche of work utilizing our plasma dicing experience for GaAs substrates.

This webinar will be of interest to:

  • Manufacturers and Developers of Si & GaAs devices, dicing tapes, LASER systems
  • Process Engineers
  • Product Managers
  • Researchers

Presenter: Richard Barnett, Senior Etch Product Manager

Richard Barnett is Senior Product Manager for Etch Products at SPTS, with over 20 years’ experience in a number of fields in the semiconductor industry.  

In 2007, he joined what was then Aviza Technology, becoming a part of the etch product management team utilising his background in DRIE processing to help achieve a market leading install base for that technology.

He is responsible for the management of SPTS’ Mosaic plasma dicing product line and has written and presented many papers about this disruptive new approach to die singulation.

Richard graduated from The University of Nottingham in the UK with a Bachelor’s degree in Materials Engineering and Electronics before entering the semiconductor industry.  His roles have bridged the various parts of the supply chain including fab process engineering, wafer supply, equipment vendor process engineer and product management.