Inkjet Printing for Package Marking

Marking the Future of Advanced Packaging

The manufacture of sleek, high-performance electronic devices continuously pushes the advanced packaging industry toward the incorporation of smaller form factors and thinner packages, some as minute as a few hundred microns in height. With the package miniaturization trend quickly becoming established as the next industry standard, inkjet printing is emerging as a preferred process alternative to laser etching for marking devices for traceability purposes and 2D barcodes.

Improving Yield, Eliminating Damage

The utilization of inkjet technology to replace traditional engraving techniques for miniaturized package marking offers a myriad benefits:

  • A proven, non-contact deposition method
  • Eliminates the attendant risks of heat damage to dies and components which are typical of laser engraving
  • Raster-based printing provides faster and clearer results over conventional laser cutting with no throughput reduction regardless of feature complexity
  • Provides better flexibility in design and CAM
  • Improved contrast for easy readability

Because of its inherently risk-free application and highly accurate marking capabilities, ink marking is trending strongly among major manufacturers of next-generation, ultra-thin semiconductor memory packages.

Orbotech Jetext™ for Marking

The system is already a proven solution in high volume manufacturing at tier one OSATs and IDMs. Orbotech Jetext™ offers a smarter and safer CAM-ready alternative to laser marking for legends and 20 barcode marking by eliminating the risk of damage from heat or contact.

The innovative ink deposition control system enables highly accurate pattern alignment and high-speed, fine-feature printing to ensure precise and uniform material deposition on the most challenging uneven surfaces. The development of new and flexible inks enables marking on package substrates that otherwise cannot handle the thermal stress generated by laser ablation. High registration accuracy [±35µm FTGJ supports high-contrast printing of small character sizes [down to 0.3mm text height] across a large range of font types.

Benefits of the Jetext™

  • Sets the industry standard for print quality and accuracy
  • Unique alignment modules
  • Supports strip and JEDEC formats
  • Supports multiple ink types on different substrates

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