IJ Printing for Underfill Dam

Preventing Underfill Leakage 

More functionality, less space: The growing trends of System-in­-Package (SiP) and Fan-Out, in the manufacture of micro-electronics, pose the need for cost-effective and accurately-placed dams in order to create a barrier around function-specific die or passive component to prevent underfill leakage beyond its area.

Inkjet printing provides a highly flexible alternative to costly traditional solder mask patterning or ink dispensers while saving package space.

Orbotech Magna™ for Underfill Dam

Orbotech's MagnaTM underfill dam inkjet technology allows manufacturers to save space and costs when preventing underfill leakage by depositing a protective barrier to seal off the surrounding die area. By depositing this protective barrier using inkjet printing, the results are more accurate and less costly than traditional solder mask dispensers. This process also saves valuable package space and is suitable for flip-chip CSP, BGA, Fan-Out, and advanced SiP modules. 


  • The industry's best printing quality for underfill dams
  • Enables the deposition of dams from 20µm up to 1 mm tall and 75µm width (high aspect ratio)
  • Provides excellent adhesion on different substrates (IC substrate)
  • PI/PBO, solder mask, EMC and metals
  • Supports strip and JEDEC
  • High T/P , lowest Cost of Ownership in the market (saving more than 20%)
  • High accuracy of 35µm and the reduction of dam space enable printing of multiple dams with different specifications for complex SiP
  • On-the-fly registration and accuracy correction for die misplacement on carriers, including JEDEC

Partial Scaling enables sub-area registration and printing in one shot.

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