SPTS’s Rapier-300S Plasma Dicing Solution to Bolster Novati’s Foundry Services at Texas Fab

NEWPORT, UK | SPTS Technologies, an Orbotech company and a supplier of advanced wafer-processing solutions for the global semiconductor and related industries, today announced its collaboration with Novati Technologies, a leading global nanotechnology development center, to establish Novati’s new plasma dicing line at their state-of-the-art fab in Austin, Texas. Novati has selected SPTS’s Rapier-300S plasma dicing solution over competing options to provide next-generation plasma dicing capabilities and services for customers.

“Plasma dicing has many advantages over conventional singulation methods and offers designers and manufacturers greater flexibility with regards to die shape, size and position,” stated Kevin Crofton, President of SPTS Technologies and Corporate Vice President at Orbotech. “The Rapier-300S is the latest addition to our Mosaic™ plasma dicing platform which includes wafer handling solutions for 150mm, 200mm and 300mm wafers, both full thickness and taped to dicing frames. Novati selected the Rapier-300S to provide their customers with the latest dicing technology to complement their advanced semiconductor fabrication solutions and services.”

“Novati provides customers with technology building blocks, engineering expertise, professional program management and a broad complement of flexible processing equipment that enable the accelerated development of 200mm and 300mm production-worthy solutions,” stated John Behnke, President of Novati Technologies. “In order to remain at the forefront of novel process development, we must provide our foundry customers with the latest process solutions capable of manufacturing next generation devices.”

SPTS’s Mosaic™ plasma dicing system with the Rapier-300S overcomes many of the design limitations of conventional dicing methods, particularly for smaller, thinner, more fragile die, as well as offering the potential for significant increases in yield and throughput. By leveraging SPTS’s extensive expertise and experience in deep silicon etch which serves as the basis of Rapier-300S plasma dicing technology, customers are able to support the development of innovative More-than-Moore solutions.

To learn more about SPTS’s Rapier-300S and Mosaic plasma dicing platform and the benefits of Plasma Dicing for Next Generation Ultra Small and Ultra Thin Die, register now for a free webinar on Wed 14th Sept, 2016, with presentations from Amandine Pizzagalli, Analyst at Yole Developpment, and Richard Barnett from SPTS Technologies. You can also read the SPTS Plasma Dicing Tech Insight articles for dice before grind (DBG) and dice after grind (DAG), available on the SPTS website.


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