Applications Services

SPTS offer their customers ongoing Application Support from the point of initial installation, through the whole lifetime of your system.  Our customers will benefit from the expertise of our global team of Applications and Process Engineers who can help with optimizing processes and productivity, and provide customised process training to develop your own personnel.

Examples of Applications Support offered include:

Installation Support Onsite

  • Process improvements
  • Yield enhancements
  • Throughput optimization
  • Endpoint setup and control
  • Accelerated install support
  • Continuity of process coverage

New Development

  • Post acceptance/installation process work onsite
  • Size changes and hardware upgrades with process impact to the results
  • Recipe fine-tuning (on-wafer, on-chamber, sequences)
  • R&D, Production workflows


Contact us now if you would like to find out more about how our Applications Team could help you get the best from your SPTS system.