Legacy upgrades replace obsolete parts and prolong the lifetime of your system. Ensuring that your system has latest OEM components, ensures spares are available. OEM upgrades should be scheduled early due to long lead times of parts and integration kits.

Examples include:

  • Windows 10 Upgrade to replace old unsupported versions of Windows and allow compatibility with future software updates.
  • Brooks Marathon VX Aligner to replace a number of obsolete Brooks Automation and SPTS aligners. These aligners also have latest electronics and sensors and provide additional functionality such as transparent wafer detection.
  • Motor and Heater Controllers – Control electronics obsolescence in controllers has led SPTS to provide, upgraded controllers with modern electronics. A range of Technical CSB are available detailing the upgrades required to replace obsolete controls. Forward looking upgrades prevent unnecessary unscheduled down times, and SPTS advise inventory check and early upgrades to maintain uptimes.
  • RF and DC process PSU’s – Many power supplies on older tools have become obsolete by the OEM’s. Issued CSB’s detail the obsolescence and upgrade paths. Some upgrade paths offer additional PSU functionality over older parts, and upgrading early ensures customers are protected from premature failure and long PSU repair times from OEMs. Some older OEM PSU are becoming more difficult to get repaired due to aging and obsolescent internal electronic components. SPTS recommend early upgrades to ensure spares are quickly available from current stocks. All upgrades have been rigorously tested for both functionality and process compatibility.
  • Pumps – A range of cryo and turbo pumps for both vacuum transport and process modules available. CSB’s are available to check OEM end of life support and obsolescence. SPTS replacement pumps have been tested and integrated and available as preventative upgrade kits.

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