We’re immensely proud to put the spotlight this month on our very own Jo Carpenter and sharing her career journey at SPTS. This year marks 14 years that Jo has been with SPTS seeing her brilliant career go from strength to strength.

 Jo joined the company in 2007 as a process technician testing etch tools, and even her first year saw her career start to fly as she quickly began traveling the world to provide support on new system installs. It took less than two years for her promotion to Process Engineer in 2009 followed by three subsequent promotions bringing her to today, where she is SPTS’s Senior Product Manager of Etch Products.

Jo has been involved in some of SPTS’s greatest etch technology and product achievements, so we were keen to learn what she was personally most proud of achieving at SPTS. “If someone had told me when I started here, that one day I would be a Senior Product Manager, I wouldn’t have believed them. Finding the confidence, taking responsibility, making decisions, and representing SPTS at events all over the world, talking to people about what we do … that’s what I’m most proud of.”


“I’m now the Senior Product Manager and I look after most of the etch business opportunities in China as well as piezoelectric and more recently SiC etch applications, and I’m looking forward to the next chapter in my career with SPTS and KLA.”


When asked whether she would recommend SPTS as an employer: “Definitely, having grown up locally and with friends who work across many different industries, I know how rare and good an employer SPTS is by comparison. They focus on their employees’ welfare, development and reward them collectively and individually. The impact of having an employer who is prepared to invest in you and support you to that extent can have a huge impact, especially for younger employees who are just starting in their career.”


SPTS continually strives to ensure its employees are supported and given opportunities to grow. We understand that we already have the best talent with us, so focusing on championing our people is the best way to ensure we are at the forefront of technological breakthroughs in Semiconductor wafer processing technologies and equipment.


“SPTS is a hugely successful company, that’s focused on its employees’ wellbeing and gives back to the communities it’s a part of.”


Jo further emphasized; “I often tell family and friends how fortunate I am to work for a company like SPTS. An employer right on my doorstep, that has given me great opportunities to progress, travel the world, and with job security (through uncertain global economic times) that has enabled me to provide for my family in a way, I never thought possible. I am genuinely very proud to work for SPTS.”


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