Continuous Improvement Showcase 2018

SPTS Continuous Improvement Showcase Day – Sustainability in the workplace.

Employees and managers took part in the annual Continuous Improvement Showcase Day where selected operational efficiency improvement projects were presented, judged, and prizes were awarded for the best projects. This year's theme was sustainibility.


Winning Projects


1st Place: ICP Test Data - Alun Williams, Steve Minchin, Mark Christofforson, Andrew Rees

2nd Place: Experlogix - Chanel Brierley, Ewelina Chmielewska, Clive Widdicks

3rd Place: H&S Awareness - Michelle Williams, Steve Dunlop, Conor Young

4th Place: Improvement of the technical publications bulletins process - Leigh Smith, Tech Pubs Team

5th Place: Culturally bringing new staff into Continuous Improvement - Lowri Williams, Joel Rudakov-Davies