Omega® SynapsEtch™ for Dielectric Etch

The SPTS Omega® SynapsEtch™ etch process module uses a high density plasma source and is designed to etch strongly bonded materials.

Advantages of SynapsEtch™

  • High MTBC - The process chamber can be heated to ~130ºC to reduce the amount of by-product deposition and improve MTBC. The chamber is also surrounded by permanent magnets which result in a higher plasma density than conventional ICPs (by a factor of ~10x).
  • High Etch Rate – Higher plasma density means higher etch rate of strongly bonded materials and the capability of running at reduced pressure. The latter extends mean free paths and leads to better directionality and less by-product ‘fencing’.
  • Versalis-compatible – Can be fully integrated with different SPTS etch and deposition modules on a Versalis cluster platform

Materials including…

  • SiO2 (including deep oxide etch >100 µm)
  • Glass
  • SiNx
  • SiC
  • GaN
  • PZT and AlN
  • Al2O3

Markets served by SynapsEtch™:


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