SPTS’ Etch and PECVD Process Solutions Key to Production of E-Beam Lenses for Maskless Lithography

Newport, United Kingdom – SPTS Technologies, an Orbotech company and a supplier of advanced wafer processing solutions for the global semiconductor industry and related markets, today announced that Mapper Lithography has selected SPTS’ etch and low temperature chemical vapor deposition (CVD) systems on a Versalis fxP multi-technology platform for their new fab in Moscow. Mapper will use SPTS’ deep reactive ion etch (DRIE) module to create through silicon via holes with high dimensional accuracy, a critical and essential requirement in the production of electron beam (e-beam) lenses for their groundbreaking maskless lithography technology. Mapper also selected SPTS’ plasma enhanced CVD system (PECVD) because it allows for a lower deposition temperature than competing systems, enabling a novel integration scheme.

“Mapper’s e-beam lenses are based on high precision holes through silicon wafers,” stated Dave Thomas, SPTS’ marketing director for etch products. “The Rapier DRIE PM is uniquely able to provide the required high-level of profile control, selectivity and uniformity needed for these critical features. Furthermore, Rapier achieves this at productive etch rates, ensuring the highest yields and lowest cost of ownership possible for Mapper.”

“Our maskless lithography tools utilize an innovative multiple E-beam technology with which semiconductors can be manufactured in a more cost effective fashion,” stated Denis Shamiryan, Manufacturing Director at Mapper Lithography. “It makes the traditionally used mask redundant and combines high resolution with high productivity. SPTS’DRIE solutions deliver the etch rate, etch profile and positional accuracy during the silicon etching process which are vital to our approach.”

SPTS Technologies’ Versalis fxP multi-technology cluster platform offers many benefits, including lower cost of ownership and smaller footprint. By combining DRIE and CVD on the same platform, Mapper significantly reduced their capital outlay compared to buying traditionally configured single technology systems. Additionally, Mapper is benefiting from SPTS’ single chamber multi-process capability as the same CVD module can also be used to deposit multiple film types, including silicon oxide, silicon nitride and amorphous silicon with outstanding adhesion and particle performance. With critical elements of Mapper’s product sensitive to temperature, the ability to deposit high quality films at temperatures <150ºC made it a compelling solution for this application.


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