Plasma Etch for Photonics and Optoelectronics

SPTS draws on its extensive compound semiconductor experience to offer etch processes for materials such as GaP, GaN, InP, GaAs and AlGaN for optoelectronic devices such as LEDs, LASERs, VCSELs and modulators.   As well as the light generating elements, SPTS can also provide capability for the rendering of lenses in a variety of media, including Si, SiOx, polymers & GaAs.

SPTS has solutions for etching low volatility materials, like SiOx and LiNbO3, used in the manufacture of optical waveguide structures.  The same technology can be used for pre-patterning of sapphire substrates to maximise light output from LEDs.

As a leading supplier of silicon etch technology SPTS has decades of experience in both “switched” (Bosch-type processes) and “non-switched” silicon etching, which can be employed in silicon based PICs, microlenses and optical MEMS.

Benefits of SPTS ICP

  • Market leading III-V material etching capability
  • End-pointing options for process control including OES, white light & LASER interferometry
  • Range of dielectric etches including low damage processes and thick organic films
  • Leading silicon etch technology for silicon-based optoelectronics
  • High etch rate/high selectivity GaP & GaN etch processes
  • Option of plasma dicing available for certain applications

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