PECVD for Photonics & Optoelectronics

SPTS offers PECVD dielectric films for both active and passive photonics devices. PECVD dielectrics are used as anti-reflective coatings, isolation and passivation layers for VCSELs and LEDs, and as stress compensation layers in a variety of photonic applications.

Doped and undoped silica and amorphous silicon films are used for planar waveguides while low loss PECVD SiON is used for multilayer reflector stacks.

Benefits of SPTS PECVD for Photonic Applications

  • Low stress (<20MPa), thick (>5µm) silica films
  • Tuned stress for bow compensation
  • Low H for low optical loss
  • Tuneable refractive with low within-wafer RI non-uniformity
  • High SiOx deposition rates >1µm/min
  • Remote Plasma Source (RPS) NF3 chamber cleaning for highest productivity and uptime

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