Multiple Etch, CVD and Thermal Processing systems procured for TSV, MEMS and Bulk Acoustic Wave Manufacturing

Newport, United Kingdom, and San Jose, California 9 July, 2012—SPTS Technologies, a supplier of advanced wafer processing solutions for the global semiconductor industry and related markets, today announced a multi-system order of Versalis fxP (Etch/CVD), and AVP Thermal Processing systems for a wide variety of manufacturing applications at the MiQro Innovation Collaborative Centre (C2MI) facility in Bromont, Quebec, Canada. C2MI, as a Centre of Excellence, provides a unique infrastructure to support its members in commercializing innovative concepts in packaging, complex microsystems, 3D design integration and micro electromechanical systems (MEMS) developments.

Among the C2MI members, Teledyne DALSA, a pure-play MEMS foundry leader, intends to leverage the capabilities available at the C2MI for its customers to deliver advanced MEMS manufacturing technologies, and rapidly bring them to market.

The Versalis fxP, a cluster system that provides an integrated solution with multiple process steps, is fitted with Pegasus Rapier, APS, ICP and Isopod plasma etch modules together with an APM unit for plasma-enhanced CVD (PECVD). The system is used in multiple process steps including deep silicon etching, patterning of aluminum-based metals for interconnect, and the formation of aluminum nitride (AlN) bulk acoustic wave resonators in advanced packaging and MEMS applications.

The AVP vertical furnaces provide a wide variety of processes specifically developed for productive, low CoO MEMS applications. At C2MI the systems will be used to deposit thick doped polysilicon, stress-controlled Silicon Nitride and TEOS-based oxide films as well as thermal oxidation processes. In addition, SPTS will collaborate with partners at C2MI on the development of next-generation thermal technology for applications in MEMS and advanced packaging.

“By partnering with industry leaders, like SPTS, in processing MEMS and wafer level packaging wafer , we are affirming our commitment to be a Centre of Excellence in these arenas so that we could provide the most advanced technologies to our partners in an environment where collaborations can thrive,” said Normand Bourbonnais, President & CEO at C2MI.” Luc Ouellet, vice-president of Technology Development at Teledyne DALSA Semiconductor, echoed the comments from Mr. Bourbonnais by stating that “ The characteristics of SPTS AVP vertical furnaces such as wafer rotation, distributed gas injection, and pumping, as well as in-situ tube cleaning allow extremely tight control of the mechanical and electrical characteristics of strategic in-situ doped polysilicon, ISDP, and low-stress silicon nitride LS-SiN materials”. “ The integrated process modules of SPTS’ Versalis fxP cluster tool allows advanced MEMS processes with in-situ combinations of Si DRIE, deep oxide etch, etch of piezoelectric materials and deposition of ultra-conformal dielectrics in very high aspect ratio through-silicon vias (TSV)" added Mr. Ouellet.

“C2MI and Teledyne DALSA are recognized leaders in microelectronics and MEMS research. SPTS is pleased to be selected as one of their prime manufacturing partners,” said Kevin T.Crofton, executive vice president and chief operating office at SPTS. “ We look forward to collaborating with the technologists at C2MI to advance their MEMS and packaging development activities and help to bring them to production.”

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