NEWSBYTE — Newport, United Kingdom, 18 Oct, 2012 – SPTS Technologies, a leading supplier of advanced wafer processing solutions for the global semiconductor industry and related markets, and MEMS Industry Group (MIG), recently announced that SPTS’ executive vice president and chief operating officer Kevin T. Crofton, will assume the role of MIG’s Governing Council Board Chair in the coming 2013 term.

We are delighted that Kevin has agreed to take on the role of MIG’s 2013 Governing Council board chair,” said Karen Lightman, managing director, MIG. “Kevin and SPTS have been strong supporters of MIG and MEMS Executive Congress, the annual business conference and networking event for the MEMS industry. Kevin’s experience will help to shape our strategy and direction for the coming years.”

A veteran in the semiconductor capital equipment industry, Mr. Crofton brings more than two decades of manufacturing insights to the council. “Having served on the governing council in the past year, I appreciate the opportunity to play an even more active role as Board Chair in 2013,” said Mr. Crofton. “The MIG is a tireless champion of the MEMS sector, providing a platform for the entire MEMS industry food chain to discuss challenges and opportunities and to advance the adoption of these devices throughout the world. I am honoured to be part of that process.”

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