These are upgrades that provide a product improvement, e.g. improved quality (yield), speed (throughput), endpoint control and/or reliability.

Popular Enhancements include:

fxP Transport Module

  • 200mm Integrated GTM Degas – Free’s up PM position for additional capacity
  • Automated Conditioning Buffer Stations – Automated conditioning wafers, free’s up load ports and load locks – reduces operator intervention – lowers costs of operations


  • ProFlux  - Improved Ag/Au CoC, Mo, Ru, W NU reduction
  • SE-LTX Co-Pasting Improved UBM Etch low Rc, lowest CoO upgrade


  • Rapier High Bias Power Matching Unit improves oxide etch rate for silicon DRIE modules
  • End Point Detection (EPD) fully integrated solutions for a range of processes and applications, sophisticated software analysis and control tools for highly productive systems


  • RPS Cleans NH3 high flow rapid clean upgrade.

RE – Release Etch

  • CVE High Selectivity Upgrade - Increases selectivity to SiN and SiO2 to >5,000:1

This is only a small selection of popular enhancement available. Please contact local sales and service for a detailed review of options available to your system and application

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