Keep your software up-to-date with the latest functionality, safety features and compatibility with factory IT systems and industry automation standards (e.g. SECS II)

SPTS can offer an annual contract which ensures you never miss any regular software update (~1 per month) which will include all the latest developments for your tool from our Software Engineering team.

Alternatively, individual software upgrades can be purchased, as required.

Popular Software Upgrades include:

Software Update

  • Ensure your system has the latest software with updates, updated monthly, new moderate functionality, interface, GUI changes and bug fixes. Can be purchased one off, or subscription basis and part of wider service contracts. A full list of specific update benefits can be obtained from your local sales and service support.

60 + new function software licenses various licenses available to provide additional functions over a range of different applications. Examples:

  • PVD RGA integrated alarms provides fully integrated system RGA monitoring and detecting
  • All technology parameter offsets, allows process module parameters to be configured or recipe offset to allow for chamber and system matching
  • Predictive Scheduler improves wafer throughput by optimizing scheduling of production wafer in parallel with necessary “burn-in” wafers, and ensures high W2W repeatability and device yields

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