LPCVD / Diffusion

Under agreement with SPP Technologies, Ltd., SPTS offers a range of large batch vertical furnaces. We are able to offer both new and factory-certified re-manufactured systems as well as custom system conversions to meet specific engineering requirements. The production-proven vertical furnaces deliver superior process results, high productivity and the lowest cost of ownership (CoO).

Diverse low pressure chemical vapour deposition (LPCVD) diffusion process portfolio includes:

  • Wet/dry thermal oxide
  • LPCVD oxide (HTO)
  • Stoichiometric and stress controlled LPCVD Silicon nitride
  • Doped and undoped LPCVD polysilicon
  • Low temperature LPCVD SiGe
  • 100 to >1200°C anneal processes

Market Served by LPCVD:



The AVP/RVP vertical batch furnace delivers superior process results, the lowest cost of ownership (CoO)...

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The RVP-300plus vertical batch furnace is a flexible platform for...

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