LPCVD/Diffusion for Photonics

SPTS’s large batch vertical furnace products offer atmospheric and vacuum anneal solutions ideally suited for anneal applications.  Uses within Photonics include annealing transparent conductive oxides (TCO) and epitaxial LED layers, and reflow of silicon to reduce sidewall roughness (e.g. from DRIE “scalloping”) in silicon optoelectronic components.

Benefits of SPTS LPCVD/Diffusion for LED manufacturing and Optical Interconnects:

TCO Anneal

  • Improves power efficiency
  • Superior post anneal reflectivity
  • Higher lumen/Watt

Epitaxial Anneal

  • Reduction in forward voltage
  • Precise control of reflector surface to maximize reflectivity
  • Ability to handle bowed wafers

Si Reflow H2 Anneal

  • Surface transformation of Si sidewalls
  • Reduce sidewall surface roughness to minimize light scattering

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