Sigma® Deposition Systems

The Sigma product range supports wafer sizes from 100mm to 300mm with deposition technologies covering conventional PVD through to MOCVD

Metal Deposition Technologies

  • Standard PVD – conventional sputter modules for low topography features
  • Advanced Hi-Fill (AHF) PVD – ionized sputter source for deposition into high aspect ratio features

Advantages of SPTS PVD

  • Single wafer processing, improves yields and on-wafer performance, when compared to batch processing.
  • Planar target with full face erosion
    • avoids re-sputtering, reduces particle contamination
    • improves target life
  • Rapid target change (<5mins), with common magnetron increases uptime
  • Reliable handling of fragile, thinned or bowed wafers
  • "Super Uniformity" option available for specialist applications
  • Multi-wafer degas to increase throughput for long (low temp) degas applications
  • Common software for 200mm and 300mm systems - ease of use

Markets Served by PVD

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