Case Studies

The following Case Studies illustrate how SPTS has helped customers meet specific technical/production needs.


imec - Blanket Silicon Etch for Lower Cost TSV

Discusses the introduction of blanket silicon etching to replace CMP, as part of a joint development project with imec to optimize a manufacturable "TSV-last" route for a multi-wafer stack.


Skyworks - Improving MTBC for SiN Etch

Describes how SPTS worked with Skyworks to significantly improve Mean Time Before Clean (MTBC) for a SiN etch step, used in the manufacturing of their GaAs RF devices.



Qorvo - Successful Partnering for a Rapid Ramp

Describes how SPTS worked with Qorvo to enable them to successfully install and qualify multiple tools to satisfy the need for a rapid ramp in production.



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