Etch for RF-IC

III-V device fabrication requires a range of processes including pre-etching of substrates, etching of nitrides, polyimide, BCB and the epitaxial layers on the wafer front-side, along with via etches from the wafer back-side.

These etch processes are available on either the ICP or SynapsEtch™ process modules.

Benefits of SPTS's ICP for Compound Semiconductor RF-IC

  • Large installed base
  • 8 out of the top 10 compound makers
  • 4 out of the top 5 compound foundries
  • ESC compatible with sapphire carriers without the need for a back-coat
  • Range of dielectric etches including low damage processes and thick organic films
  • High rate GaAs back-side via etching

Benefits of SPTS's SynapsEtch™ for Compound Semiconductor RF-IC & BAW Filters

  • Extendibility to strongly bonded films such as SiC, AlN and AlScN
  • Highest rate SiC etching for maximum productivity
  • Wafer clamping adapted for ‘dirty’ SiC processing environment

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