PVD for Semiconductor

SPTS offers PVD processes for thick aluminium deposition to form bondpads on 300mm wafers.

Deposited metal layers are typically 1.2µm thick, although thickness requirements are increasing to ~3 µm at ≤ 45nm device nodes for high voltage applications or for improved mechanical strength.

A common issue with thick Al PVD is that at high deposition rates there is a tendency for extrusions/whiskers to form on the Al surface, which will affect the subsequent wire bond.  SPTS has developed PVD processes which avoid such extrusions even at higher deposition rates, increasing wafer throughput.

Key benefits for SPTS PVD for Bondpad Applications

  • Sigma fxP is most productive PVD system in the industry for Bondpad Al processing
    • 68% higher throughput than the main competition
    • 39% lower CoO
      • Thick AlCu at >1.4 µm min-1, low extrusion levels
  • High Uptime
  • < 10 hrs Al PM time, no tools required for final target exchange
  • No Wafer Sticking
    • Clampless design
  • Excellent Module Flexibility
    • Change target/shields only to switch materials

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