SMR-based piezoelectric AlN stackAlN volume production experience with both 150mm and 200mm wafers

The Sigma® fxP is designed for flexibility and extendibility, meeting the diverse and evolving range of requirements for MEMS manufacturing.

SPTS has a wide range of MEMS PVD process experience in applications such as accelerometers and IR detectors (bolometers), and is market leader in the field of AlN-based resonators. Example applications for AlN include bulk acoustic wave (BAW) filters, Si oscillators, energy harvesters and gyroscopes. SPTS has over fifteen years experience with AlN and has more AlN accounts than any other supplier. This wide range of integration experience culminates in a faster time to market for customers.

Benefits of SPTS PVD for MEMS Production

  • Flexible, extendible hardware
  • Mainstream Si reliability
  • Wide range of materials experience
  • Continued development of ≤ 200mm products

Focus on MEMS AlN

  • Highly textured piezoelectric AlN on various electrodes for efficient coupling
  • Reduced WIW Stress processes for MEMS membrane yield across wafers
  • ”Super Uniformity” processes to minimize trimming
  • AlN volume production experience with both 150mm and 200mm wafers

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