PECVD for Advanced Packaging

For advanced 3D-IC applications, SPTS's DeltaTM PECVD system offers low temperature [<175°C] processes compatible with 300mm bonded substrates. Applications include via-last TSV liner and via-reveal passivation.

SPTS is the only PECVD provider who can deposit electrically robust, stable nitride and oxide films at <200°C.

Benefits of SPTS PECVD for Advanced Packaging

  • SiN – SiO stacks in the same PECVD chamber – requiring fewer modules when running multi layer dielectric stacks
  • High deposition rates at low temperatures
  • Unique low temperature PE-TEOS SiO with unrivalled film stability - enabling the use of low temperature bonding layers
  • Low electrical leakage and high breakdown voltage
  • Active platen cooling that reduces thermal shock, reducing scrap
  • Single-wafer and batch degas options to outgas substrate - improves film quality
  • >5 years production experience for low temperature dielectrics using 300mm on silicon-on-glass substrates

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